Benefits of Installing Safety Film on Commercial Windows

The majority of architectural glass is not designed to be resistant to explosions, forced entry, accidents, or even wind-blown debris. When traditional glass panes shatter, regardless of the cause, the result can be deadly to nearby visitors or innocent passersby.

Installing a high-quality window security film on each of the untempered glass windows in a commercial or public building provides the best possible means of protecting employees and guests alike. Local business owners can read on to find out about a few of the benefits of taking this affordable and effective step in las vegas.

Exceptional Blast Resistance

The constant threat of terrorist attacks is an unfortunate reality of today’s world. It may be tempting for business owners to assume they have no reason to worry about such attacks, but in reality, any location could be victimized by a bombing at any time. Installing security film for windows offers exceptional impact-resistance, helping to keep employees, visitors, and bystanders safe in the event of an attack.

Reduced Airborne Debris

Untempered glass can, if shattered, produce a good deal of airborne debris. This can endanger everyone in the vicinity, but it doesn’t have to. Safety film keeps this glass in place should an impact occur, reducing the risk of injury associated with flying glass shards.

Reduce Risk of Break-Ins

Safety glass is also great for increasing a building’s security. Its impressive impact resistance makes it much more difficult for would-be burglars and intruders to gain access to a building. This is of particular benefit to commercial property owners whose buildings feature large windows, which is often the case in the City of Lights.

Easier Cleanup

In the event an accident or a terrorist incident does lead to the shattering of safety-coated glass, cleaning up the area is much easier if the glass has been treated with safety film. Should an incident involve the need for a rescue of any victims in the building, it will also make safely removing them much easier by reducing the chances of injury due to glass shards.

Protection from Solar Glare

Safety film also offers the distinct benefit of protecting the interiors of buildings from the sun. This leads to less UV damage to carpets, furniture, and sensitive electronics. It also decreases the risk of anyone working in or visiting the building developing skin cancer due to long-term sun exposure.

No Need for New Windows

Safety coating can be applied to a building’s existing windows. This is a substantially more cost-effective solution than replacing every window with tempered glass.

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